, Riot Games, and F5 Join the Coalition as Executive Members

Today,, Riot Games, and F5 Networks announced that they will join the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition as Executive Members. We’re thrilled to have their support as we invest in programs supporting Black, Latina, and Native American women pursuing computer science degrees.

Though many tech companies have invested in diversity and inclusion efforts, the industry as a whole has yet to come together to address gender and racial inequity. Today’s announcement and the commitment of these three companies speaks to the power and impact of coordinated, corporate philanthropic efforts to more efficiently work towards parity across the tech sector.

Here’s what they have to say about joining the coalition:

“Creating a more diverse and inclusive company is a core tenet of F5. We believe our differences—when embraced with humility and respect—drive smarter decisions, increased innovation, stronger performance, and a culture where everyone can be themselves,” said François Locoh-Donou, President and CEO of F5 Networks. “But beyond our individual efforts, companies need to work together, if we are to make a significant impact on the inequities for underrepresented women on color that hold back the tech industry at large.”

“We are excited to join the Coalition as a Executive Member to support this important work.” said Jeffrey Burrell, Head of Social Impact at Riot Games. “At Riot, we strive to help people realize their full potential, and we look forward to helping improve the systemic issues facing women of color in the gaming and greater technology industries. With deep collaboration across many stakeholders, together we can make lasting progress for underlying systemic inequalities for underrepresented groups.”

“At, we are committed to empowering a diverse workforce with the skills needed for the tech jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Ebony Frelix, Executive Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer of “We believe businesses have a responsibility to ensure nobody is left behind and are proud to join other leaders to increase representation of women of color in technology.”

Interested in learning more about the coalition? Click here to learn about our mission, meet our members, and explore our tools and resources available to tech companies