Auth0 Joins the Reboot Coalition

Today, Auth0 announced that they will join the Reboot Representation Tech Coalition. We are excited to welcome them as we work toward our goal of doubling the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women graduating with computing bachelor’s degrees by 2025.

Auth0 aims to help organizations implement easy but robust security, identity management, and access solutions that allow them to focus on their mission.

Auth0’s social impact arm,, supports positive social change in the communities where our 1,000 employees live around the world by providing grant support and employee volunteer teams to mission-aligned nonprofits and charities. We focus our philanthropic efforts on 1) closing the digital divide to enable underserved communities to get connected and thrive, and 2) diversifying access to STEM education and technology workforce opportunities ––especially for women, girls, and people of color. 

“We are thrilled to join the Reboot Coalition and fully endorse this critical need to expand the representation of Black, Latina, and Native American women computer science and technology professionals. Greater diversity in our teams leads to greater innovation, performance, and joy, but we must do more to nurture and access the pipeline of talent from underrepresented groups and “non-traditional tech” backgrounds. Reboot is at the center of those efforts to double the number of Black, Latina, and Native American women graduating with computing bachelor’s degrees by 2025. We can’t wait to welcome those promising young professionals into the technology workforce,” said J. Alexander Sloan, Director of Social Impact at Auth0 and Head of

The Reboot Coalition was launched after a 2018 report surveying 32 tech companies revealed that, although tech companies express a strong desire to hire underrepresented women of color, less than 0.1% of tech companies’ philanthropic donations ($335,000) in 2017 focused on women of color specifically. The Coalition exists to pool philanthropic investments in order to invest in the often overlooked programs and institutions that support Black, Latina, and Native American women in computing. By increasing representation in computing degrees for these women through on-the-ground investments, the Reboot Coalition hopes to increase representation in the tech sector overall. 

“We are so excited to work with Auth0 –– their commitment to our mission is clear. As part of the Coalition, Auth0 will further our work to support computing degree attainment for Black, Latina, and Native American women, ultimately leading to the type of industry change we want and need to see,” stated Dwana Franklin-Davis, CEO of Reboot Representation.

With Auth0’s commitment to the Coalition, 19 companies have now pledged ~$21 million to create pathways that support women of color pursuing tech careers.

Alongside our 18 existing member companies, Auth0 is committing to Reboot’s mission of taking action to close the race and gender gap for Black, Latina, and Native American women in computing. We’re committed to ensuring that the systems and institutions we invest in can better support Black, Latina, and Native American women while simultaneously growing and facilitating cultures that lead to long-term success, not just for individuals but for our industry as whole.

Interested in learning more about the Coalition? Click here to learn about our mission, meet our members, and explore our tools and resources.